Workflow Publication & Important Date

The manuscript should follow the author guidelines and copy the house-style of the chosen journals. Selected manuscripts may be published in an edition of :

  1. Biotropia Journal (special Issue)
  2. Hayati Journal (Spesial Issue)
  3. 20-40 best papers will be published in Regional Studies in Marine Sciences (ELSEVIER) through special issue edition SI: “Maritime Continent Nation”. Unselected papers will be published in international proceedings papers (point 3) or alternativly published in Omni-Akuatika (point 2).
  4. Research papers written in Bahasa Indonesia will be published in Omni-Akuatika  special issue edition SI: “Fisheries and Marine Sciences to Build Indonesia’s Blue Economy” . Volume 16 issues 2-4 (2018).
  5. Proceeding papers (both International and National)

Workflow Publication











Important Date