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  • Dr. Maria Dyah Nur Meinita (Unsoed – Indonesia) (maria.meinita@unsoed.ac.id)
Q How do I register as a Paper Presenter and Participants
A Please click on this link for more details.
Q Can I be a participant but does not send the paper?
A It is, status and administrative costs remain as participants.
Q What is the maximum number of authors in the paper?
A Not limited, but when adding paper so that there are two papers with the same name and status are equally accepted, the paper 2nd will be charged an additional fee.
Q What is the registration fee is inclusive of the cost of lodging?
A Not included, the cost is only the cost of registration
Q Is not the author of the presenter will get a certificate?
A The authors are not the presenter will get a certificate as a writer. When authors register as a participant, then the author will get a certificate as a participant. While the presenter, will get a certificate as a presenter and as a participant. If the presenter is the author, the presenter will also get a certificate as a writer.